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Choose from our range of 200ml body butter. Keep skin moisturized 24/7

Choose from our range of magnificent body buttercream. Make Dr. Shea top of your list as presents for your loved ones too. Nothing feels better than to wake up feeling and looking healthy. Your unique gift will bring them joy.

Shea butter is full of nutrients, including vitamin A, which has many healing properties and has been known to aid in treating blemishes, wrinkles, eczema, and dermatitis, as well as burns and even stretch marks. Shea butter is also packed with antioxidants like vitamin E, as well as polyphenols and phytonutrients. These ingredients make Dr Shea body butter an anti-inflammatory, which is why it works so well at moisturising and soothing all types of skin (and can be found in skin and hair products galore).

Benefits of Dr Shea Body Butter
Shea buttercream is not just a moisturiser but also has healing power.

Daily use of this cream can heal many problems such as; fine lines and wrinkles, skin infections, skin allergies, insect bites, sunburns, blemishes, Zits ,itching, rashes, best after shave cream for men, it firms your skin, etc.

Is Shea Butter suitable for all skin types?
Yes it is! Unless you have a special case then you will have to consult your dermatologist first. This versatile natural beauty cream can be used by kids as well. It’s natural and very healthy.

Shea butter has many potential benefits for hair and skin including moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects.


One study tested a cream that contained 5 percent shea butter on the forearms of 10 people. The participants noted that they could feel the moisturizing effects of the cream for up to 8 hours after it was applied.

Another study found applying shea butter to skin can help treat eczema.

Shea butter is also very moisturising for the hair and scalp. People with curly and coarse hair textures benefit from using shea butter as a sealant to keep moisture in their hair and increase softness.


Another study found that shea butter helps your skin react less to irritants. Researchers believe this is because shea butter contains the chemical compound amyrin, which has well-documented anti-inflammatory properties.


Several studies have found that shea butter helps cell regeneration, minimises signs of ageing, and boosts collagen. Many of these benefits are also attributed to amyrin.

Hair care

Shea butter has a lot of potential in the hair care world. While shea butter hasn’t been extensively studied or reported on in scientific journals, related butters and oils have been researched with animal and human subjects.

Prevents breakage

One human study investigated the role of miracle fruit seed oil in preventing hair breakage. Synsepalum dulicificum, a native West African fruit, also produces an oil. It has a high fatty acid content (just like shea butter), which makes it easy for it to penetrate hair in oil form. This can help with hair breakage.

Reduce Scalp irritation

Anti-inflammatory properties might also help reduce redness and scalp irritation by providing healing effects without clogging the pores. Additionally, as a natural product, it’s safe to use on all types of hair, even hair that’s damaged, dry, or color-treated.

Raw shea butter isn’t the only hair care solution available. Certain over-the-counter hair care products (especially conditioners) also contain shea butter. The role of conditioners in overall hair health includes strengthening hair fibers, lubricating cuticles, and reducing frizz. One for you, one for a friend? get free shipping on that Xmas Dr Shea butter, body butter now.

Additional information

Weight650 g
Dimensions20 × 40 × 10 cm
Scent 1

Citrus Splash, English Rose, Fragrance Free, Luscious Lavender, Peachy Peach, Simmer Vanilla, Tea Tree

Scent 2

Citrus Splash, English Rose, Fragrance Free, Luscious Lavender, Peachy Peach, Simmer Vanilla, Tea Tree


  1. Lynda W.

    Lovely cream which kept my skin feeling moisturised all day.

  2. Deborah H.

    This moisturiser is very smooth, absorbing and easy to apply lovely cream. Skin felt well quenched all day.

  3. Rebecca h.

    5* product leaves you feeling like a newborn

    Loved using this product for the first time.. it won’t be the last, nice thick creamy texture keeps my skin feeling moisturised and gradient over a long period of time. Smells devine and a bargain for the price. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

  4. Samantha W.

    When I received my 1st order, one of the 50ml jars was incorrect which was soon resolved. Later I realised that a second jar did not have a plastic seal around the jar as the others, but it didn’t look as if it had been used thankfully. Apart from that the shea butter is a lovely consistency. I’ve used on my skin and hair and had no issues. The shea butters I purchased – Citrus, Lavender and Coconut has a lovely smell and for me not too strong. Just a little disappointed that the Coconut doesn’t actually contain coconut oil just fragrance.

  5. Samantha J.

    Great product

    Easy to use, a little goes a long way. Skin feels smoother and softer. Would definitely recommend this product.

  6. Margaret A.

    Lovely item, when I used I could feel my skin a lot softer afterwards and a lovely smell.

  7. mark s.

    Very good moisturiser,with lovely coconuty aroma. Highly recommended.

  8. Dianne G.

    Excellent, will purchase full size product as so soothing on my skin & not greasy, sinks in perfectly & the coconut is not overwhelming, highly recommend

  9. beata b.

    Is really great on my problem skin psoriasis really helpfull i definitely want be buy moore .thank You so much for This sample

  10. Miss l.

    It was awful the smell of it was rank and it was far too greasy and oily I definitely will not be using this again

  11. Kellie S.

    Nice, soft and smooth.

    You don’t need a lot because a little goes a long way. My skin was soft will definitely buy more soon.

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