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Anthony Joshua heavyweight Champion Dr Shea Body Butter

Dolla Bills Review

Best skincare cream I’ve used in a long time. Soft, absorbs well and keeps me moisturised.

dr umar johnson review dr shea body butter
Psychologist & Author

Love Dr Shea Body Butter, I’m special, Dr Shea personalised mine. Dr Shea is so good, even my Ma uses it…

Dr Shea review by janet Kay reggae singer

Lovers Rock Reggae Singer

Love Dr Shea Products, body butters are so smooth and soft on my skin.

Stylo G Review Dr Shea Body Butter

Reggae Super Star

We should stop drinking champagne and produce our own. Dr Shea has set the way. Love the products.

So solid crew review dr Shea Body Butter

Recording Artists

Dr Shea feels so good on our skin and keeps us looking great. Peach is our fave..

Dr Shea Body Butter Review


Dr Shea is a great product for my complexion, soft smooth and glowy…

Dr Umar Johnson review dr Shea Body Butter

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