Dr Shea, the shea butter brand grown in London and produced in West Africa, is emerging as a premium product in the western cosmetics market, 

Latest research reveal it as the richest source in the world of skin nutrients. Heal scars, burns and stretch marks, and keep skin young for years longer…

Shea butter tree

Protects hair & skin from drying out in harsh weather conditions. Offers protection against sun exposure.

Helps smooth out wrinkled skin. Helps reduce or prevent stretch marks formation during pregnancy.

Reduce skin inflammation, and most of all, always leave you feeling soft and silky. 

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Dr Shea Started Trading Officially In 2017. I had been buying and trying out different shea butter at least 5 years prior.

I became more conscious of what I was putting on and in my body. I didn’t turn Vegan or Vegetarian, I just made subtle changes and started there.

Me and my friend use to get raw shea from a shop in Brixton market. “The Indian man that sells all the hair & skin care products and is in every local urban demographic area”.

My Mother in law used to bring us raw Shea from Ghana too. That’s when I was able to experiment with fragrances and textures.

It was amazing. When my children came to stay I showed them what I had been working on.

Together, that day, we made Dr Shea Tea Tree. Shea Butter bought us family memories I will never forget and will cherish forever…

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