Never tried Dr Shea before?

We’ve managed a way for you to get a free body butter product at minimum cost and little effort. This is for a limited time only so get yours today.

Choose your fave body butter aroma and take advantage of this limited offer to try our magnificent soft smooth Dr Shea body butter.


You pay P&P only.

🌳🧴Vegan range🧴🌳


Organically sourced grade A Shea butter uniquely blended with various essential oils to provide you with an all in one hair and body solution with maximum benefits, triple moisture protection, perfect for cold weather.

🍋Citrus splash🍊

Rejuvenated sensation, natural orange & lemon oils infuse our Shea and offer an array of extra benefits: mosquito repellent, natural SPF10 UV protection, fresh rejuvenation 

💜luscious lavender💜

Relaxation therapy, headache, menstrual pain, acne, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac insect repellent. 


Dry skin hard skin psoriasis eczema antifungal antiseptic all round all in one miracle repair cream.


Our fragrance-free contains no essential oils and all the benefits of grade a Shea 


Here we have done some testing and a lot of experimenting to deliver you the best, long-lasting, most sought-after fragrances the world has to offer. Not only are our fragrance oils the best on the market, but they are also baby safe. My own son Eli loves the vanilla and has never had any adverse effects from using Dr Shea. All our products go through product testing at the Oxford Biosciences laboratory who provides us a “cosmetic product safety report” before we launch any product, available on request.

🌴Confident Coconut🥥 

Shea Butter Blended uniquely with Coconut is a clear winner for that feel right mood. Either in your bath or directly onto the skin, coconut by Dr Shea will uplift you and your surroundings. For all skin types

🍦Shimmer vanilla🍦

Made using organic Shea butter by Dr Shea. With soft notes of vanilla and Shea, we produce one of the most sought-after skincare products, truly a masterclass. Once tried, you’ll never go back to the old regime.

🌹English Rose🌹 

Beautiful rose fragrance, delicate petals from the rose flower. There is nothing more romantic than A delicious floral body butter, and Roses are obviously the perfect note to seek out when you’re enjoying life.

Here’s the deal, you pay UK P&P £3.80

Unfortunately, the postman is not offering a free service, and I must say, they do deliver our products in a timely fashion, but they do charge for delivery. Our body butter is absolutely free. T&C apply.

Get our free body butter offer today. You will never go back to your old regime after this purchase.


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