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Coconut Body Butter 200ml By Dr Shea

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If you are looking for the best place to buy Coconut body butter then look no further. At Dr Shea we only use the absolute finest quality ingredients and our Coconut By Dr Shea is no different, therefore, our customers enjoy the best there is out there.

Shea Butter Blended uniquely with Coconut is a clear winner for that feel right mood. Either in your bath or directly onto the skin, coconut by Dr Shea will uplift you and your surroundings. For all skin types

Feel the smoothness when using our coconut body butter, as a result, your skin will stay softer for hours…

Our signature fragrances are stronger and last longer than any other supplier online. Try it now!

27 in stock

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Coconut body butter 200ml By Dr Shea.

Provide your skin with a dose of ultra-rich hydration when you apply this nourishing coconut body butter. Resulting in 24hr moisturizing Shea butter properties, your skin will stay softer for longer.

Body Moisturiser
Softens skin
For dry / very dry skin
Fresh coconut scent
48hr hydration
Easily absorbed
Smells Good Enough To Eat.
Another Fabulous Body Butter Product by Dr Shea

Skincare •Vitamin E and A •Stretch Mark Prevention •UV Filter
Dr Shea Coconut body butter is bursting with the essence of freshly cut coconuts.
The air of the beach really comes alive with this tempting coconut aroma oil.

Fresh and tropical, this beautiful body butter will make you feel a world away. Delicately blended notes of coconut create a uniquely exotic body butter. Blended notes of coconut flesh with coconut milk.

Coconut Body Butter 200ml By Dr Shea moisturizes Dry Skin.
Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer for the face, body & hair. Its fat content is responsible for its emollient and humectant properties.

Coconut Body Butter 200ml By Dr Shea locks in moisture and keeps you hydrated. Perfect for skin and hair.
Improves Hair Condition
Split ends are common in hair that is low in natural oils, and lacking moisture. Shea butter contains high amounts of natural oil linoleic and oleic acids, which help to safeguard hair against the effects of sun and dehydration. The use of shea butter by itself or in combination with other products found commonly in many cosmetic preparations can significantly reduce the number of split ends found on hair.

Reduces Scar Appearance
Scars are natural remnants of the body’s healing process, commonly found on areas of the skin that experienced a penetrating wound or superficial trauma. The resulting structure we know as a scar is a collection of scar tissue left behind from the healing process, and what we often try so hard to get rid of. Regular application of shea butter or shea nut oil helps to minimize the appearance of scars over time when applied daily.

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12 reviews for Coconut Body Butter 200ml By Dr Shea

  1. Asha

    Moisturises me well nicely fragranced excellent.

  2. Margaret A.

    Lovely item, when I used I could feel my skin a lot softer afterwards and a lovely smell.

  3. Ann F.

    Couldn’t get enough! I especially love the coconut. Want a year long supply or longer! It’s enriches my entire body from head to toe!

    Highly recommended.

  4. Lynne M.

    Love it… great on the face too!

  5. Laurel H.

    I only had a sample so I cannot comment on long term use, however After using it just once I could feel the difference. It made my skin super soft. It also has a lovely smell

  6. Samantha J.

    Easy to use, a little goes a long way. Skin feels smoother and softer. Would definitely recommend this product.

  7. mark s

    Very good moisturiser,with lovely coconuty aroma. Highly recommended.

  8. beata b.

    Is really great on my problem skin psoriasis really helpfull i definitely want be buy more .thank You so much for This sample

  9. Lynda W.

    Dr Shea Coconut Body Butter

    Lovely cream which kept my skin feeling moisturised all day.

  10. Nyiiaa

    _Glowing cause of @dr_shea_

  11. Chris

    Works well is everything it says on the box

  12. Delly

    Very good on the skin nice when you come out the shower yeah I like it

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