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Peach Body Butter 200ml – By Dr Shea

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Reveal silkier-softer skin after every use.
Shea Butter Blended uniquely with peach is a clear winner for that feel right mood. Either in your hair or directly onto the skin, Dr Shea peach cream will uplift you and your surroundings. Peach Body Butter, made using 100% Organic Grade A Shea butter, suitable on all skin types.

31 in stock

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Is there any scent more delicious than that of a peach? I’ve been racking my brain for an answer, but I’m coming up with nothing. Peaches are sweet, they’re tasty, and thanks to Instagram emojis, they remind everyone of butts… Which, I mean, isn’t really the worst thing, right?
Anyway, peaches smell like pure heaven, so it should come as no surprise that Dr Shea has included peach body butter to our range.

The rich flavor of ripe peach cream stems from its high contents of lactones, especially gamma- and delta-decalactone, and combines very well with fruity and floral compositions. A peach note adds a hit of velvety suppleness to an olfactory harmony, and it is commonly used to ground chypre-based compositions. This unique flavor naturally develops in picked fruits, and especially in fruits fallen from the tree, having a creamy, milky, and often coconut undertones. However, since there is no way to extract the essential oil from peaches, this note is reproduced synthetically using lactones to deliver fresh and fruity nuances to countless aromatic symphonies, ranging from high-end perfumes to various body butter lotions. All our body butters are 100% baby safe

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