How to Make Body Butter Less Greasy

Key Points:

– Adding arrowroot powder or clay to body butter can help reduce the greasy texture.
– Arrowroot powder dissolves in oil and should be added to melted butters and oils before cooling and whipping.
– Clay does not dissolve but disperses into the body butter and should be added during the whipping step.
– Both options give nutrients and moisture to the skin without the heavy greasiness.
– Arrowroot powder makes the body butter feel less dry, while clay absorbs into the skin for a drier feel.

Hot Take: Be a Smooth Operator!

Making your own body butter doesn’t have to be a greasy (or gritty) situation. By adding arrowroot powder or clay to your homemade body butter, you can achieve a drier feel without sacrificing the nutrients and moisture your skin craves. So go ahead, become a smooth operator and whip up a batch of body butter that feels as good as it looks!