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    Rose body butter by dr shea Rose Body Butter By Dr Shea 200ml

    Rose Body Butter 200ml – Best Seller

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    Rose Body Butter There’s nothing more romantic than a deliciously floral rose body butter, and roses are obviously the perfect note to seek out when you’re enjoying life. Dr Shea Rosey Rose body butter is the one for you!! Our Shea butter melts instantly on contact and our specially formulated fragrance continues to smell fab even hours later. Try it today, Your gonna love this. The humble Rosey Rose Shea Butter can make for an edgy, empowering fragrance that’s sure to have you feeling all kinds of sexy. There’s a lot more potential to this flower than meets the eye. People have reported smelling the fragrance of roses after praying to saints in heaven to intercede for them with God about something. Doubt the natural powers of our Shea Body Butter? Consequently, “Read our reviews”, (tab on the side), from customers who have tried and tested our beautiful uniquely blended products. Cuticle Damage – Nail Repair -Dry Hands – Hard Feet – Face Acne – Hair/Scalp – Eye Wrinkles – Beard Growth -collagen boost – Babies & child-safe -Family protection. Dr Shea is incredibly nourishing, moisturizing, non-greasy & smooth on the skin, moisturizes hard and dry areas of the body, for use all over. It locks in the moisture in the skin and keeps it hydrated for longer. Dehydrated and dry skin becomes rough and scaly. Certain areas of the body can even develop skin cracks due to dryness. Shea butter can nourish the skin with its fat content. It can also help to soften the skin on your hands and feet and make it supple. It penetrates the skin easily, without clogging the pores, and is effective for dry skin. Use shea butter to heal cracked heels, dry cuticles, and rough patches on your skin. You can also use it to simply moisturize your skin during the colder months and stay glowing in the warmer seasons. SALE - 25% OFF RPP - Rose Body Butter By Dr Shea 200ml
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